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For 30 years we’ve supported artists and community.

We need YOUR support now more than ever.


2020 marks the 30th year for the
Sedona Arts Festival. Unfortunately, celebrating our 30th birthday wasn’t
in the cards. In response to our community and our artists expressing concern for having a large public event, we cancelled this year’s festival.
Our Board of Directors firmly believes we could have executed a safe, outdoor event, but we put health and safety first.

The annual festival is our sole source of income for the entire year. Without a 2020 festival, it will be difficult to sustain our organization until next year’s festival. Most importantly, we will be unable to financially support our mission of providing scholarships and grants to the young people of our community as we have done for the past 30 years.

That’s where you come in.

You Can Help

Right about now, you would be attending the Sedona Arts Festival, enjoying the beautiful fall weather, perusing the art, grabbing a slice of pizza from a food truck, and listening
to some live music.

What better way to make sure you have that experience again than by making a donation to the Sedona Arts Festival? Maybe it’s the price of gate admission for two. Perhaps it’s the average amount you would spend on art that weekend. Or the price you would pay for a Sedona hotel.

Whatever amount you choose to
give, know that it will be used wisely and it will pave the way to making
sure there’s a Sedona Arts Festival
to enjoy in 2021 …

and beyond.

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