Cyndi Thau

From time spent outdoors and traveling to time spent in the studio Cyndi has always wanted to keep art a central focus in her life. Originally from Arizona, Cyndi attended college at Arizona State University where she obtained a degree in design from the College of Architecture. She later obtained a second degree in computer graphic design. After graduating Cyndi became enamored with the wilds of Alaska and took employment at a fly-out fly-fishing lodge in a remote section of Bristol Bay. The goal at the time was to become acquainted with the culture, wildlife and back country of the Alaska wilderness. Although Cyndi accomplished some drawing and painting there was little time for either between the demands of the job and the desire to fly out to the rivers and Alaskan villages that she had incredible opportunities to visit. Between summer seasons in Alaska Cyndi travelled for five months to the South American countries of Ecuador and Chile. She began her studies of the Spanish language in Quito Ecuador and then traveled to the Rio Puelo – Puerto Montt area of Chile where she continued to study Spanish while working in the Andes Mountains of Central Chile.

After six years in Alaska the cold and dark took its toll and Cyndi made the decision to leave for the warm beaches and Spanish speaking country of Costa Rica in Central America. Art now became her focus and she opened a small gallery in the surfing and fishing village of Tamarindo along the north Pacific coast. The flower paintings she has become known for were born in this tranquil and beautiful country. From flowers grown in her yard to delightful blooms bought at the local vivero Cyndi would play with the compositions using the morning light to enhance the translucency and the effect of highlights and shadows to form the shapes that she transferred to her canvases in a bevy of colors. “I believe that all things in nature have many layers. As the light passes through creating highlights or falls into the shadows, the form takes shape. Most of my paintings are close up, detailed compositions rather than a more overall view. I use thin layer upon layer of oil paint to achieve the translucency that I associate with all things in nature.” Life was simple and wonderful for the beach bum artist.

Seven years she painted flowers in this tropical paradise until she returned to Arizona. Cyndi relocated to the red rock country of Sedona in northern Arizona and began working at the Sedona Arts Center Gallery. She was quickly accepted to display her work and eventually became a member of the faculty teaching the glazing technique to others. In 2016 Cyndi became Gallery Director. It was in this location that Cyndi learned the painting style of Plein Air – painting from direct observation. The ever changing light and weather conditions are an exciting challenge. When not in her studio she often can be found painting alongside Oak Creek or on one of the many trails amid the stunning scenery of Sedona and Flagstaff with her long-time four legged sidekick at her side.

Recently Cyndi was included in the book “Sedona’s Best Artists” by Louise Sheldon MacDonald. She is honored to be in the company of so many accomplished artists.

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