Sacred Arts 2016


– Curated by Rhianne T. NewLahnd

The Sedona Arts Festival is proud to announce the addition of the Sedona Sacred Arts tent. Thank you to Rhianne NewLahnd for her talent and effort to create a magical space at the Sedona Arts Festival.

The Sedona Sacred Arts Tent was born over tea and conversation between Rhianne NewLahnd and Debra Fleeger. Rhianne, a practitioner of many sacred arts, thought that Sedona was due to be represented at the Sedona Arts Festival in a bigger way. Debra, a visionary and President of the SAF Board of Directors agreed. Lori Reinhart greeted the idea with an open heart and enthusiasm. With an enchantment that was like the waving of a great magic wand, the Sedona Sacred Arts Tent came together with a wonderful group of gifted artists. As a Sacred Sedona special addition, there is a reader’s tent, where festival goers can get mini readings of their destinies and find the wisdom within their hearts.

This year, our gallery of artists is Divine. Paytone Delmars, an artist of many talents, brings us mosaics, jewelry, silk scarves and more. Holly Sierra, internationally known artist, will display her paintings and cards. Jana Lea creates etheric, soulful acrylic paintings, and Nina Joy Rizzo produces paintings, cards and more with her vibrant Fractals. A new artists collective studio, Creative Gateways, will show mixed media art, photography and more. This year, Rhianne T. NewLahnd, will be offering her intuitive readings and wisdom sessions at the Reader’s Tent with some special guests also doing readings.

Holly Sierra

has been drawn to painting things ‘mystical and magical’ for as long as she can remember. After her fine art education at SUNY Purchase in New York, the next decade found Holly living and traveling extensively in Asia. She now blends her marvelous multicultural memories with themes that influence and fascinate her today. Holly happily makes her home amidst the picturesque red rocks of Sedona where she runs her online business and is busy with a multitude of future painting projects.

Jana Lea

Sedona artist Jana Lea has enjoyed 3 decades of tremendous success in interior and floral design, personalizing homes for clients with unique accessories and designs.
Her newfound passion as a multi-dimensional spirit expresses through multimedia artwork which deepens and expands as you view it. One of her specialties is the merging of her colors on canvas. Her free-form painting style and visual design is created and offered free from the heart to touch the Spirit of anyone who views her work and enjoys it in their space. Her paintings are an art form, but deepen and expand as one experiences them. As you linger on them, you can have that direct experience for yourself. The flow of her images enhance the raw authenticity of her vision directed by her Spirit. Jana Lea is creating visual poetry through her art, using multi-media images and dimensions through textures.

Paytone Delmars

Over the past 40 years, Paytone Delmars has engaged in many forms of art and craft including water color, acrylics, batik, clothing design, sewing, silversmith, jewelry design, stained glass and other mixed media art forms. For 10 years, she sold clothing, jewelry and art at juried arts and crafts shows across the country.

Her new mirror mosaic box and wall art collection was inspired by her years of experience with all those different mediums. The theme of this
body of work captures the essence
of the elements: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.

Nina Joy Rizzo

creates sacred fractal geometry pieces of stunning and colorful art that has not only captured the essence of the Spiritual Community but also internationally in the Interior Design and Art Collector’s World. Coined as a pioneer in her field, one can actually feel the energy emitted from the colors of her stunning NJoyFractals.
The present phase of her work began during a meditation: “A series of pictures came to me,” Nina explains. “Information in the form of shapes and colors ‘downloaded’ and became the inspiration for my vibrant NJoyFractals. They bring energy into a space – beckoning, focusing and calming the viewer.”

Nina’s art has inspired many and has been recognized by the arts community through awards and charitable foundation support. She specializes in both personalized and custom pieces.

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